The long ice cream tradition of the family began with Peter Paul Sarcletti born 1857 in Banco, Italy. In 1879 he sold his first homemade ice-cream with carts in Munich and opened his first ice-cream parlour at Sendlinger Straße in 1906 and was first present in 1908 at the Oktoberfest.

His four sons Peter, Joseph, Emanuel and Ludwig took over the business after the First World War. Emanuel's son Otto Sarcletti, who had already helped in the production as a child, took over the ice cream parlour in the Reichenbachstrasse, Munich in 1948.

In 1963, the awarded pastry chef Udo Plesner, son of Austrian filmmaker Josef Plesner ("Tiefland" with Leni Riefenstahl), moved to Italy, where he learned to make ice-cream. Back in Austria, he opened the legendary "Cafe Burgstüberl" in Kufstein in 1969.

With his wife Silvana Sarcletti Plesner, daughter of Otto Sarcletti, he led the company under the name "Udo's Eisparadies" from 1978 onwards.

In 1996, Udo Plesner developed a hygienic cleaning device for ice-cream players from the ice-selling experience. The "Icecleaner Niagara" contributes to a water saving of up to 90%.

Until this day, son Andreas Plesner continues the tradition of manual ice-cream production in the fifth generation; he still supplies the family's confectionary at the Oktoberfest.

Daughter Alexandra Plesner created the project "I Scream Factory" during her studies at the prestigious "Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design" in London. Photographers and artists from all over the world play with the idea of ce as a metaphor for life itself.