Alexandra Plesner 2017

Series 1 (Culturescape)

Ice cream cone art installation reflecting on the culturescape; the set of beliefs, practices and ideas that program us to see and function in the world.

I was particularly inspired by Taiwan’s current landmark judgment, with the constitutional court ruling for allowing same-sex marriage, a beautiful example that reflects how attitudes can change and settings can be re-defined.

The installation consists of 10 x 18 ice cream cones, mounted on a 0.85m x 1.30m white foam board. The ice cream cones are by Konrad Otto GmbH (Ø / L (mm) 53/120), and I hand painted them with Edding acrylic paint in rainbow colours (9 in total). One cone is golden; it is the one that got away.

Detail: The ice cream cones are simply the ones that are used by my family, and they do carry my grandfather's name "Otto", who also made ice cream all his life.

Showcased at the family’s ice cream parlour “Udo’s Eisparadies” in Tirol, Austria.