Alexandra Plesner 2016

Alexandra Plesner

'Series 6 (Playtime)'

This interactive non-digital installation takes queues from Jacques Tati’s Playtime; The Royal Gardens opening night while the Parisian restaurant is still under construction. This sequence takes up almost the entire second half of the film, highlighting the dynamic between the incomplete space and those interacting with it. 

The Kobalt party is a curious event where wide ranges of characters meet. We investigated the idea of an artwork ‘under construction’ and to see what happens when people built on a base. Over the course of the night people stack cones on to the white base, creating an ever-changing 3 dimensional piece. It ended up being a beautiful chaos, with some cones broken. It's life.

The layout of the installation is 1.20m x 1.80m. The base consists of 322 original ice cream cones that have been hand painted with a double matt white coating. The ice cream cones are mounted on a white foam board. 

The cone installation is utilising a complex grid system to function as a canvas for the audience interaction. Approximately another 550 cones have been painted in the typical ice cream colours vanilla, strawberry, pistachio and chocolate.