Alexandra Plesner x Tung Shing Wong 2014

Alexandra Plesner and Tung Shing Wong
Austria, United Kingdom

We investigated the relationship of a human presence and its transitory nature. No interest was emphasised in depicting the object, but alternatively the effect it has in a metaphorical and suggestive manner. Presented are particular endowing images or objects that symbolise these meanings.

We wake, we eat, we rest, we create, we watch TV. This is the presence, the place where we live.

Production Details
The layout of the installation is 1.60m x 1.60m. 18 x 18 white painted ice cream cones are mounted on a black foam board. The installation is designed to be content heavy, with the cone installation utilising a complex grid system to function as a canvas for the video content. 

For the next variation we hope to extended the video content into an interactive installation, where on one side we will pick randomly chosen Instagram content as well as by the audience via hashtag submitted imagery. Users who posses a tablet can interact with the content in the same manner as seen in the physical magazine.