Anastasia Zesenkova 2014

Art no.1- Consequences (the small one) 
H 51 cm x W 40.5 cm mixed media on photo transfer on wood popsicles, on canvas.
"Inspired by Jim Jarmusch's movie 'Down by Law', this image transfer onto wood popsicles represents that all our actions lead to consequences.  'Consequences' portrays the time you spend waiting for too long.  The ice cream has melted, it is too late for action." 

Art no.2- Lost Innocence (the large one)
H 80 cm x W 60 cm, polymer clay, photo transfer on wood popsicles, on canvas.
"Directly influenced by Jim Jarmusch's 'Down by Law', the popsicles represent prison bars.  This is from the scene where Zack and Jack are incarcerated after being framed.  The innocent behind bars.  Roberto who joins them later and through his limited and broken English, manages to join the trio in friendship through ice scream."