"Habitat is giving carte blanche to London creative collective I Scream Factory to pay tribute to the end of summer with an exhibition of photography focused around
the theme of ice cream."



Whether we are doing something good and worthwhile with our lives or not, time waits for no one. The throwaway culture of the last years, ‘always-on’ culture has prompted a reaction where people are seeking to make life simpler.

The exhibition played with the desire to put the focus back on the present moment, to take a unique and refreshing perspective on people's lives and dreams.

The artist’s different interpretations varied from candy-coloured dreams to dark visions with tense undertones. Photographs, installations and fine art by the collective inspired by ice cream, provide context and critical discussion and debate on this important topic.


“We were delighted to work with Alexandra and I Scream Factory at Habitat, it was a brilliant experience from start to finish. 

Their exhibition brought a fantastic excitement, energy and crowd to Habitat’s Platform gallery and our customers and visitors to the store thoroughly enjoyed visiting the exhibition.”

— Rachel Barker, Platform Gallery Manager, Habitat


Ice Kitchen treated visitors with their extravagant flavoured artisan ice lollies in an exclusive pop-up ice cream parlour at Habitat.

Showcased work by:
Takeshi Suga (Japan)
Lena Vazhenina (Russia)
John Gribben (UK)
Sara Mautone (Italy)
Ting Cheng (Taiwan)
Nuno Oliveira (Australia)
Charlie Kwai (UK)
Jon Riche (UK)
Shotaro Ishii (Japan)
Eveleigh-Evans (UK)
Anastasia Zesnkova (UK)
Alexandra Plesner (Austria)


Thank you Time Out London for supporting the show!


Private view (invitation only): 19 August 2015, 19.00 – 21.00
Open to public: 20 - 30 August 2015