Anomalous Visuals Gallery


Ice-cream often goes down well with a movie. In this case, the 1986 film 'Down by Law' provided inspiration with its surreal, grungy dark undertones.

The artwork showcased at this exhibition spans from fashion, street style and manipulated photography, to video and sculpture and draws on these themes. They went out, bought ice cream and went crazy. 


"The sweetness of ice-cream and the idiosyncratic approach of director Jim Jarmusch may feel like disparate things,
but the two have been brought together
for a new group photography
exhibition, I Scream Factory."

– Design Week



Showcased work by:
Aitor Santomé, Spain
Takeshi Suga, Japan
FrouFrouu, United Kingdom
Lena Vazhenina, Russia
Donald Gjoka, Italy
Irina Gavrich Austria
Elva Rodriguez, Spain
Alexandra Plesner, Austria
Leanne Manfredi, United Kingdom


May 9 - May 16, 2014